Jfokus 2012

Here are my notes after attending the Jfokus in Stockholm this year.


Java EE programmers seem to feel most at home in the JEE/patterns paradigms. Injection, repositories, DAOs are everyday fare. The Java worldview has been abundantly shaped by this ‘software engineering’ worldview. Hacking or intellectual sophistication of the mathematical kind come second.

Attendee profile

Striped shirts, higher education. Serious engineering. Big company culture. Mostly male, as always. Why aren’t there more women in software engineering? I highly doubt that innate capabilities are at play.


Since the law of offer and demand is temporarily our friend, sponsors organized a standing dinner with a combo playing the Girl of Ipanema. Being flattered always feels good.


Domain driven design, command query separation and Every presentation namedrops ‘command objects’ and separating methods that modify state from those that do not.

Web sockets and interactivity

Flash starts to feel outdated (because it is not supported by Apple?), WebSocket becomes an interesting replacement; some industries like finance and entertainment particularly feel the need for push content. But there are also other applications, like pushing horse race results in real time.

Every second you win on user time to complete a task, multiplied by the number of users, yields savings. Therefore increasing responsiveness makes business sense in any domain.

Functional buzz

There were multiple presentations on Scala and Clojure. Also everyone talks about immutability. Is it the start of a revolution of rigour and mathematics in programming?