React for Real

Ludovico Fischer

React helps you keep the data in sync with the UI in JavaScript web applications.

While other books attempt to teach you a lot of libraries that get out of date very fast, this book will focus on the core concepts: components and state updates.

This will keep the book short and to the point, so you can start coding fast. At the same time, you’ll be well equipped to decide which additional libraries to use.

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  1. An Introduction to components
  2. Work with State and Events
  3. Create a Production Build
  4. Test your React Components
  5. Using Redux as a Central Data Store
  6. Work Well with Others
When can I buy the book?
The book is out! Buy your own paper or electronic copy here.
What if I am not a JavaScript expert?
The book assumes only basic JavaScript knowledge; backend developers who program occasionally on the frontend should be fine.
Can I read a sample chapter?
Sure! There’s a book preview on the publisher website.
What happens if I sign up?
You’ll get updates when the book is about to be released and occasional React tips.
There used to be an online version!
You can read the blog for React tips and tutorials.

About me

I’ve worked on line of business applications for the logistics and travel sector, as well as a web shop for theatres and concert venues.

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